Stacc Analytics

Privacy-first analytics your users will love

Not to name any names, but modern analytics platforms are mostly designed by mega corporations who are selling your data to the highest bidder. This isn't okay.

We flipped the script

Rather than going in with the intention of making a profit, we wanted to give our users the best experience possible. From our open-source mindset to our focus on privacy, we made a product that will help you make great websites.

Designed for humans

We've worked hard to create a system that gives you as a site owner the flexibility and data you need to make an amazing site, without comprimising your end user's privacy.

Open source

Our code is open source. You can run any of our code on your own servers, free of charge. Feel free to fork it as well. We believe it's a lot easier to gain trust when you have nothing to hide.

Realtime data

From the start, we put a large focus on realtime data. Being able to see how your site is doing this minute, not a day later, is a priority for us. We've built this whole platform with accurate and instantly-updating realtime statistics in mind.


What's not to love?

Free, open-source, realtime analytics that load quickly and respect your users' privacy. As easy as one or two clicks.